Belated Completion Post

Memories of Rain is complete, although I’m a terrible person and didn’t post it over here. A post-mortem┬ápost is up over on the sub-site, or feel free to hop right into chapter 1 if you haven’t read it yet.

My next story will probably not show up here for a while, as I’ve got other things I’m working on. If you can read this post though, I’m still here, and please do┬ápoke me in the comments below if you have comments or questions, or if you just want to say hi.

Webfictionguide and Top Web Fiction

I’ve gotten Memories of Rain listed on Webfictionguide here, which also means it’s eligible for votes on Top Web Fiction (here). Voting doesn’t require registration, and could easily boost readership a bit, so if you have a few moments, I’d really appreciate a quick vote. Thanks.

Memories of Rain is ongoing, having just published chapter 11 this morning. Thanks


Memories of Rain Chapter 3 + Design updates

Chapter 3 for Memories of Rain has been posted. Enjoy. This also means that scheduling is working properly and new chapters will appear automatically right on time. Yay.

In other general website-ey news, by request I’ve added chapter navigation to the top of all posts, as well as the bottom. While I was doing that, I decided to go ahead and stick with justified text on all posts, and I altered the writing sub-sites so that when you visit the root (ie:, you now automatically find the latest chapter.

This is different than before, where you were simply viewing the latest post, as you would not get chapter navigation or comments when you reached the bottom. Hopefully that helps push a few people to comment who might not have seen the comments box before.

If anyone has other suggestions for improvements, please let me know. Still getting the hang of WordPress here.


Memories of Rain Chapter 1

Chapter 1 has been posted. As a bonus, Chapter 2 has been posted as well (for the Tuesday post, but I’m putting it up early to celebrate the start of this brave new venture).

The schedule has begun! New chapters should appear Tuesdays and Fridays at midnight (i.e. you can read them at 12:01am on Tuesday and Friday). I should be able to keep this schedule throughout the entirety of Memories.

Hello world

I made a blog. I intend to fill it with things about writing, and maybe post my own writings. But more than likely I’ll just forget this is here. So, to you, the enterprising blog-traveller, welcome!

if you want to see actual activity, head over to, my actual website and where I usually hang out. Or join me for some good ARMA action on, the other place I run.

Thanks for visiting.